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亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 University of Advancing Technology is an elite, private college that serves its student body by fostering knowledge creation and academic excellence in an environment that embraces the young technophiles of the world. With three centers of research and a suite of technology-centered undergraduate and graduate degrees, the University is a recognized leader in technology education.

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    Dancing Robots and the Magical World of Tech

    For technophiles, CES isn’t just a conference—it’s bigger and better than any theme park, and there are even more possibilities than most can imagine. Business and tech leaders from all over the world converge to show off what’s happening now, and even more exciting, what’s possible for the future.   As a ...

    For technophiles, isn’t just a conference—it’s bigger and better than any theme park, and there are even more possibilities than most can imagine. Business and tech leaders from all over the world converge to show off what’s happening now, and even more exciting, what’s possible for the future.


    As a university wholly focused on technology, we are constantly looking ahead, because if you’re only on par with the latest, you are already behind. This year looks to be an exciting one for tech; 2020 brings roll-up TVs, 8K resolution, and AI everything.


    Dr. David Bolman, UAT Provost, documented some of his favorite elements from the past CES, and he’s sharing them as a series of blogs that will give you FOMO if you didn’t make it, and probably encourage you to start planning your trip next year. In this first edition, you’ll understand how CES is like a high-tech carnival, with amusements for people with only a basic knowledge of tech to those working on cutting-edge projects.


    “When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” Walt Disney




    From Dr. Dave:

    To understand CES, consider that alone has 25k+ square foot pavilion. People walking shoulder to shoulder, like a summer day in Disneyland, through technology sensory stimulation chambers that are 150% higher than the max settings of the human brain. Curved OLED screens as tall as a building firing resolutions well-beyond what our eyes can perceive. Large panel screens that pivot on the wall from horizontal to vertical, matching the orientation of cell phones. 8K resolution screens with tasteful white frames so that when the TV display is turned off, one of thousands of the works of art housed in museums is displayed—at resolutions that looks as good to our eye as viewing the original piece. Having viewed in person during December and then calling it up via Samsung at CES, I was impressed (even though the Samsung version is much smaller).




    “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Each year the shows are similar (big, loud and encompassing). There are always dancing robots, big TVs, gadgety home tech, IoT, next generation smart cars, C/net broadcasting live, AI attached to anything and everything and at least one person in a wet suit swimming in a giant aquarium to show off the kind of underwater jet propulsion rig that you expect in a James Bond/Johnny Quest shows from the Mad Men era. In the thick of all this highest tech imaginable, the oddity of getting between the main halls by following (on foot or by golf cart) a faux grass path crossing what is normally the driveway to loading bays. If this is your first time at CES, these demonstrations of what tech will be will leave your brain center fired up long after you have left the pulsating halls and the straight out of Tokyo bus rides are in your rearview.






    “Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.”


    Dialing down some of the flash for an edgier tech intensity per square foot means heading to —aka a very amped up SIP showcase. Imagine a vast room parceled into stalls like a cross between a digital Persian market and the neighborhood in Blade Runner’s dystopian LA where Hannibal Chew makes replicant eyes. This is one of the busiest halls of CES where thousands (maybe hundreds, but it feels like a million, so I split the difference) of vendors are grouped into neighborhoods by country, college or type of tech. These are not the polished techs of the main halls, this is the kickstarter zone filled with prototypes and rough cuts. Some promising, some junk, some just weird (anyone feel like funding an AI-driven electric guitar system designed to entertain your cat?). Bumping shoulder to shoulder like riding in a NYC subway inside of this not ready for prime-time player version of tech you see plenty of tech creativity. Surgical ready stereoscopic VR systems, and Korean vertical farming were the kinds of solid applications looking for funding inside of Eureka. And of course there was the . A booth that was so wrapped in fandom, that the closest I could get was a “phone held high shot” that confirmed the celebrity status that this bluetooth enabled Nueraspud achieved. Here is a link to their crowdfunding page:




    “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Robots and drones are always on display at CES and there was no shortage of squads of airborne or pushup pumping devices performing synchronized routines accompanied by lasers, steam and bass. This year more of them were consumer-ready and available at price points that had me picturing a near future where it will be normal to see people going about their day surrounded by ground and aerial possess providing digital vanguards announcing their arrival with song and dance like modern day Roman generals. More practical in use, but no less oozing anime cuteness, were the robots cruising the floor using their AI to perform some butler’ish service. There were ‘bots ferrying supplies from one booth to another, others that were serving drinks and plenty of others demonstrating hands capable of alternately nimbly picking up small glass objects and then bricks.






    “First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.”




    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Watch for more of Dr. Dave’s experiences with the latest tech, and let us know what you’re most looking forward to as AI continues to wow and surprise us with exciting ingenuity. If you are an innovator or wanting to get started, you can find the latest in tech revolution at UAT, where our mission is to educate students in advancing technology who innovate for our future.


    We accomplish that by re-imagining the future of learning, intellectual property and talent cultivation to accelerate Arizona and national tech-entrepreneurship. UAT has developed a vibrant, multifaceted academic environment with a synchronic learning model where students are challenged to explore new and traditional concepts, and to independently and collaboratively practice what they learn in real-world situations to achieve their full potential UAT academic programs result in Associate, Bachelor or Master degrees. Start your journey at charleschauvel.com.


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    Global Game Jam 2020 Levels Up

    Friday, January 31 through Sunday, February 2 The Global Game Jam (GGJ)—the world's largest game jam event—happened around the world, with a physical location taking over the campus of the University of Advancing Technology (UAT).   For 48 hours, game designers worked together to explore their creativity, share experiences and express themselves through the...

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Friday, January 31 through Sunday, February 2 The Global Game Jam (GGJ)—the world's largest game jam event—happened around the world, with a physical location taking over the campus of the University of Advancing Technology (UAT).


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看For 48 hours, game designers worked together to explore their creativity, share experiences and express themselves through the concepting and design of video games. From beginners to experienced programmers, gamers from all kinds of backgrounds participated and contributed to the global game development challenge... occasionally pausing to rest.




    Adam Moore, professor at UAT, was asked by the organizer for all USA Game Jam sites to be the region organizer for California. "In addition to organizing our [UAT] site, I communicated with 20+ other jam locations to make sure they had the resources they need for the jam," said Moore.


    The jam formally began after the announcement of the year’s theme, Repair亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看, kept secret until the last second on Friday, January 31 at 9pm, so all jammers across the world could begin together.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看The Global Game Jam® has been going on for over 10 years now! The first was held in 2009, with 1,600 people jamming in 23 countries. This year the event grew to 940 Jam sites, an increase of 80 locations over last year, where 860 sites were spread across 113 countries, and over 47,000 jammers collectively made more than 9,000 games.




    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看We asked Moore to tell us about the UAT site and his experience as the organizer. Here's what he had to say...


    How many people attended at the Tempe location; how many across the globe?

    We had 90 jammers here. This is smaller than last year’s, but we had 3 sites in Arizona this year, plus a site in Nevada. A group of jammers road-tripped to our site from Vegas in previous years because we were the closest site. Globally, we had 940 locationsthe biggest global game jam ever! We don’t have an official count on the number of jammers yet, but given the trends from past years, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had over 50,000 jammers this year.


    How many games were created in the 48 hours at this location?

    We have 29 game pages created on our , but not all of them were completed or presented at the end of the jam. We had 14 teams present their games in the theater at the end of the jam.




    What were some of the ideas?

    A lot of the teams took the theme literally and implemented mechanics in their game where the player has to repair something to progress through the game. This is an obvious way to incorporate the theme into a game, and you’ll find that a lot of the games around the world did this.


    One of the more interesting implementations of the theme was a game that breaks and requires the player to fix the broken parts of the game to be able to progress through the levels.


    There were also some more abstract interpretations of the theme. A few teams went the route of making games about repairing relationships. One of the games was about repairing damage caused by deforestation and had a serious message about climate change.


    Are there any continuing on for development?

    Most of the teams probably won’t be continuing their games past the end of the jam, but a couple of the teams are likely to continue them.


    What were some of your favorite moments during the jam?

    I loved this year’s . They echoed a lot of the advice that I give students about how to be successful at game jams.


    I completely filled the back seat of my car with pizzas on Saturday night when I brought pizza in for all of the jammers.




    The presentations of the games at the end of the jam is one of my favorite parts of the jam every year. The games keep getting better every jam.




    What advice would you give those who want to continue to prepare for a career in game development?


    1. If you want to launch a career in game development, then you should start making games today.


    2. You don’t need to have a job at a game studio or be an expert at game development to get started. If you get your hands on a free game engine and some tutorials, you can put together a small playable game in a short amount of time.


    3. Don’t try to build an epic masterpiece for your first game. Start with something small enough that you can make it over a weekend. Make a one-screen 2D arcade game with only one level. Build something simple that you can finish quickly. 


    4. Try to get several different games made with a short deadline. If you make a small game every weekend for the next year, you will have made 52 games! Even if you only jam once a month, that’s still 12 games you’ll have under your belt. If you like any of the games you create from short jams like these, then polish them up and release them. Having released games is one of the most important requirements for getting a job in the game industry.



    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Adam Moore, UAT Professor




    Check out the games uploaded to UAT's page at http://globalgamejam.org/2020/jam-sites/university-advancing-technolog . And if you're interested in pursing an education in gaming, learn more about UAT's Gaming Programs—Game Design, Game Art and Animation and Game Programming.




    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看The Game Design degree at the University of Advancing Technology is offered as a Bachelor of Arts. UAT has the distinction of consistently being named as one of the top game design programs in the world since its debut in 1995. Game Design students focus on the design principles, skills and techniques required to create mechanics, game documentation and functioning prototypes for innovative game projects.


    Students in the Game Art and Animation program will gain an insight into what is involved at all levels of game development to create 2D and 3D art and animation assets for multiple video game platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile, online and VR. Students will master the artistic principles used in video game art asset creation such as color theory, lighting, shading, anatomy, perspective, scene staging, modeling low polygon and high polygon, 3D modeling texturing, rigging and key frame and motion capture animations.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看UAT’s Game Programming degree (a.k.a. Game Coder degree) prepares students to take the controls in their careers. With this prestigious video game programming degree, students develop a broad coder skill set, and are comfortable with manyplatforms and languages. Courses in Game Programming will emphasize the essential issues and the skills required to develop games for multiple video game platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile, online and VR. These skills have broader applications in related industries such as entertainment, business, research and training.


    Ready to take the next step? Press .




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    Q&A with UAT Alum Tylene Robinson

    At UAT, we are proud of the work students consistently do while on campus, but it's really exciting to see them continue on with great success after graduation. Every year our students leave to become respected innovators, and an excellent example is Tylene "Ty" Robinson, International & Sales Operations Manager at ...

    At UAT, we are proud of the work students consistently do while on campus, but it's really exciting to see them continue on with great success after graduation. Every year our students leave to become respected innovators, and an excellent example is Tylene "Ty" Robinson, International & Sales Operations Manager at in Seattle. Read on to find out where she's been and how she's achieved her current success. 


    What did you study at UAT and when did you graduate?

    I graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE in 2011 with my BA in Digital Media.


    What has been your career path since graduation?

    I started my career off really “scraping it out” in the freelance industry. I worked as an intern with a local artist in Scottsdale for a year learning all kinds of trades and as a result started getting into digital marketing. I really felt like I needed to move to California because there would be more opportunities there for someone with my mixed bag of digital tricks and skills. I moved to SoCal and became the marketing coordinator at a car dealership, which only lasted about 4 months. While working at the car dealership I went to the Chamber of Commerce on their behalf for various networking meetings and I realized I could make more money and have more fun working with the small businesses who participated in the Chamber. I quit the car dealership and began writing blogs, creating social media marketing plans and creating or updating business listings for small businesses. One business, namely, the – ended up hiring me to do their entire marketing and press campaign for their grand opening in Oceanside. Not only did I help get the word out via digital marketing campaigns and creating their business listings, etc. they also ended up hiring me to train their new staff on customer service.


    Completely exhausted from my stint in SoCal, I decided to continue up the coast to join my family who had recently moved to Seattle. Shortly after arriving, I was offered a contract position with a digital marketing company then called Cobalt – offering full web solutions from websites to digital advertising and social media packages for Car Dealerships (hey! Pretty crazy right?!). I spent 6 years at Cobalt (now called ) and worked extremely hard. I started off as a web designer and worked my way up to Project Manager. I absolutely loved being a project manager and having a technical background really played to my strengths! I took it to the next level of project management and spent the last year of my time at CDK nerd-ing out on Process Improvement and attained my . I drove many process improvement projects that yielded soft dollar savings as well as improved customer and employee experiences.


    A year ago – December-ish 2018, my parents bought a manufacturing business in the Seattle area who manufacture professional audio equipment. Shortly after buying the business, their Sales Administrator left and they offered me the position. With my background in Process Improvement and Operations (project management), I immediately recognized gaps in the Sales Organization and began to restructure the team in partnership with my father, the CEO. I became the Sales Operations manager and Manager of International Sales.

    How did you become an effective leader?

    I had to fight my way up the ladder so therefore, no matter where I was or what I was doing, I worked harder and smarter than anyone around me. I also truly believe that if you want to get ahead and be a leader – you have to be a lifelong learner. Learning doesn’t stop at graduation. I am constantly researching and learning new things based on the job or project that’s in front me. They say leaders are readers and it couldn’t be more true. Keep showing up, keep working hard – keep learning and applying and you’re guaranteed to get ahead! Being a leader is not easy and it is not for everyone. I have had to overcome many personal and professional hurdles along the way – but it’s always been a drive within me so I just keep going every day.


    How did your education at UAT help you?

    I’ll never forget in my senior project class, the professor would say every day , KPI, KPI. Now, I use that term on a regular basis and I am shocked at how many professionals don’t know what a KPI is or how to leverage data effectively to get results.


    My education at UAT was great! I learned many different skills but I really appreciated the focus on business excellence. Thinking about success metrics, forcing us to give presentations constantly. This gave me an edge.


    What is your ultimate goal for your career?

    My ultimate goal is to make a difference and to have a positive influence. I realized about 2 years ago that I had stop thinking inside the box when it comes to my career. I no longer think “Hey, I want to be a full stack developer, or hey I want to be a doctor or lawyer”… that’s so limiting!!!!! Understand what drives you, understand what motivates you – and the jobs (your career) will fall into place. I can’t tell you how many roles I’ve been in or seen others go to that I (or they) created to fill a need or gap for a customer or business based on my/their unique experiences, talents and vision. So the ultimate goal in my career is to drive the success of those around me – customers and employees and to foster profitable businesses whatever the role finds me in.


    What advice do you have for students to be successful in school?

    Just do it, put the time in, put the work in. It’s a drop in the bucket and you will learn a lot from it. Just keep showing up. Even if you show up and fail or you show up totally unprepared with no idea what you’re doing. Just keep showing up, do the work and it will pay off. It doesn’t matter where you go to school or what you study, you need to go and get it done. It may seem like a long time but it’s nothing in the long run and you’ll be grateful you did it for yourself and you will always have it. Hey, I even quit my job and lived on student loans so I could make school my job. Because of that I was determined to get straight A’s and I did. Now I have bragging rights for the rest of my life.


    What advice would you give other students to encourage them to pursue their goals after college?

    There are going to be times, especially after you just graduate, where everything seems hopeless. You think you’re stuck in retail for the rest of your life. A couple years may even go by... but never give up on yourself or your dreams for yourself. Just keep going. There’s nothing more important. You have no idea where the future will take you and how crazy and beautiful it will be if you just stay persistent to make your dreams come true and you focus on what drives you instead of that “inside the box” idea. This is so true of my career. When I graduated I thought I was going to be a graphic designer. I quickly realized how small that is and never imagined the amazing experiences and challenges I would enjoy. There were many times where all felt hopeless and I wanted to give up. I didn’t – and it paid off. Stay persistent, always.

    What do you see for the future of tech?

    I see the user experience dominating all aspects of tech in every way and big data driving it.





    Since Tylene's graduation from UAT, our Digital Media degree has since been re-designed as an Advertising Art degree program (in addition to a degree). This degree allows students to blend their art skills with marketing to create compelling ads that motivate consumers. UAT teaches students how to use the most advanced production tools and how to apply design and advertising to new technology. Students will also learn about the history and evolution of advertising as it relates to art and creating within agency production environments. The program is available both on campus and online


    Find out if UAT is right for you. Visit http://charleschauvel.com/about-uat

    Learn. Experience. Innovate. 


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    Why You Should Pursue a Technology Degree - Top Emerging Careers in 2020

    Each year, a variety of professional development organizations release data on emerging and in-demand fields to help the market predict changes and bridge gaps in the talent workforce. This data is informative for career-changers, but especially important for younger students planning for their future and choosing a college degree. For those interested in becoming a tech expert in some...

    Each year, a variety of professional development organizations release data on emerging and in-demand fields to help the market predict changes and bridge gaps in the talent workforce. This data is informative for career-changers, but especially important for younger students planning for their future and choosing a college degree. For those interested in becoming a tech expert in some function of Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Data Science, Robotics or Cyber Security, there appears to be a promising future ahead.亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看According to LinkedIn’s , artificial intelligence, robotics and data science roles are holding the highest percentage of growth in today’s job market. These three fields are at the top of the list ranked out of 15 careers, and expected to stay at the top throughout the next five years as well. LinkedIn’s report goes in-depth to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) and data science have expanded into almost every industry while Robotics, an , made its first appearance in LinkedIn’s annual report.

    Machine learning, deep learning, IoT, Python, innovation and natural language processing are just some of the core competencies needed to fill AI and Robotics positions especially. According to the average salaries of positions requiring this expertise, those pursuing learning these trades are likely get a quick return on their higher education investment than with other degree options.

    In early 2019 in the , Indeed shared that between 2015-2018, Machine Learning Engineer job openings grew 344% and held an annual base salary at $146,085. In another report, stated that artificial intelligence engineers in San Fransisco, for example, make between $120,000 and $160,000 per year with some cases over $250,000. The varied salaries would depend on the demand within that specific location and a specific industry. Take the automotive sector, for example, which is experiencing tremendous growth for both AI and machine learning roles in the current race for the first self-driving, autonomous vehicle.

    Meanwhile, Data Science has become an essential function in all business intelligence operations and is beginning to replace various financial roles within many industries. There are also five software-based roles ranked in the LinkedIn Report, which is consistent with other career-focused sites who have ranked Software Developer as the #1 job for highest salary, overall expected growth, opportunity and other factors.


    LinkedIn’s 2020 Top 15 Emerging Jobs:

      • Artificial Intelligence Specialist*
      • Robotics Engineer*
      • Data Scientist*
      • Full Stack Engineer*
      • Site Reliability Engineer*
      • Customer Success Specialist
      • Sales Development Representative
      • Data Engineer*
      • Behavioral Health Technician
      • Cybersecurity Specialist*
      • Back End Developer*
      • Chief Revenue Officer
      • Cloud Engineer*
      • JavaScript Developer*
      • Product Owner*

    *Potential career outcomes for relative degrees offered at UAT.


    Software Developer Also Ranked #1 Emerging Job


    A U.S. News & World Report also ranked Software Developer as #1 in 100 Best Jobs, #1 in Best STEM Jobs and #1 in Best Technology Jobs categories. The report ranks these jobs by looking at the “projected number and percentage of openings from 2018 through 2028, as determined by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics” including factors associated with stress levels and work-life balance.


    Location can also play a large role in where better opportunities exist for certain jobs. According to a recent analysis from via 2019 CareerBuilder reports, the highest-paid and fastest-growing tech job in a whopping 23 states was broadly ranked as Software Developer, which can be the base function of a variety of titles and positions. According to that specific analysis, the states where software-focused graduates have a likelihood of finding a high-paying job include: Alabama, Colorado, D.C., Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

    In addition, LinkedIn noted that the top cities hiring for Software Engineer positions were the San Fransisco Bay Area, D.C., Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle where average salaries currently ranging from to $115,000 to $154,000, according to .

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Due to housing costs, political environments and the quality of family life in these cities, however, LinkedIn data shows that professionals are on the move to “secondary cities” that have emerging job markets such as Austin, Raleigh, Portland or Phoenix. These emerging cities are also not far off in the amount of available job opportunities. Secondary cities are also generally considered to offer a better quality of life with a lower cost of living, allowing individuals and families to justify a slightly lower pay over taking a job in the most competitive, saturated cities in the country.


    The Rise of Technology Jobs in Arizona 

    In Tempe, Arizona, where University of Advancing Technology’s state-of-the-art campus is located, Software Engineers make an average salary of $103,034 and up to $187,000 or more. There are also currently 1,329 positions open in Tempe exclusively, according to . This doesn’t include the over 3,000 jobs open in neighboring cities such as Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area.

    As an easily accessible location that people most often would set their sites on to retire for the beautiful climate with opportunities for hiking, golfing and adventures-galore, now many tech professionals from all over the country are gravitating toward the Phoenix area for the lower cost of living, rising job opportunities and family-friendly culture. According to in the Phoenix Business Journal, “The city of Phoenix itself is the fastest-growing city in the U.S., . From 2017 to 2018, Phoenix proper welcomed more than 25,000 new residents."

    Overall in our state, “Tech jobs in Arizona have seen a 5.1 percent wage growth, with an average annual salary of over $80,000" and it currently has a “40 percent higher tech job growth rate than U.S. overall”, says Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, in a Press Release and analysis of the . “According to the report, Arizona ranked in the top five for total new net tech business establishments added between 2017 and 2018. In total, Arizona supports 241,671 tech jobs and more than 9,800 tech establishments."


    How UAT Produces Career-Ready, Superior Graduates

    It’s an intelligent concept to utilize industry and state-of-the-market reports to make a data-driven decision for a major and higher education institution. In order to be able to forge a career in any of these highly-ranked positions, it’s ideal to find a college or university that offers relevant majors and not just minors or broad degrees that barely touch on the topic. Most importantly, it’s best to find a college or university that stays ahead, adapts and pivots with the latest in advancing technology and the changing market’s needs. You want to graduate as a superior professional in your area of study in order to achieve the best possible outcome for a job when you're fresh out of college.

    UAT SyncFLex™ Learning ModelAs the first computer university in the country, UAT’s higher education methodology and SyncFlex™ learning model 亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看places our 100% STEM University decades ahead of many state colleges. Out of the offered at UAT, many could potentially result in outcomes directly relative to at least 11 of the 15 jobs in LinkedIn’s report including our:

    • , BS
    • , BS
    • , MS
    • , BS
    • , BS
    • Business Technology and Innovation, BS(1) and MS (2)
    • *, BS (3) and MS
      *(UAT was the one of the very first universities in the country to offer a Network Security education and is designated as an Academic Center of Excellence by the NSA for Cyber education, with credentialing options for students.)


      The Value of a UAT Technology Education

      Why You SHould Earn a Technology Degree Top Emerging Jobs


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看With UAT students graduating significantly earlier in the average timespan of 2.67 years, their opportunity for earnings is estimated at an average of $70,266 of positive cashflow after 2.13 years post graduation, as reflected in the findings above. 

    Why You Should Earn a Tech Degree UATEarn a Technology Degree Top Emerging Jobs snippet


    Meanwhile, their peers are still attending at a State school with a 4.8 year average time spent earning a degree and potentially building up even more student debt. At the in Tempe, Arizona, for example, it commonly takes over 6 years to graduate with a degree. Plus, if you graduate ahead of your peers, you could potentially be managing them once they hit the job market. 


    Also consider that when earning a technology degree and the rising demand for tech-industry talent, the likelihood is better for making higher pay than if you had any other general degree. Gathered from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, "the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $86,320 in May 2018, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $38,640."


    Learn How Artificial Intelligence Ties Into Your Industry

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看With AI advancement on a rapid rise, UAT recommends all incoming college and graduate students to consider taking some level of curriculum in their studies, no matter their major. "Artificial Intelligence will require the entire workforce to learn new skills, whether it's to keep up to date with an existing role, or pursuing a new career as a result of automation", LInkedIn's report stated. Technology, specifically AI, is the future of the workforce a and UAT is recognized for filling the in-demand tech-talent needs with innovative leaders in all industries. 


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看UAT offers students the opportunity to take classes outside of their major as well as access all campus technology while enrolled. UAT students have the flexibility to learn online, on-campus, in smaller classes (14:1 student to professor ratio) with unlimited access to better technology, and with a mentored education in order to become superior graduates. Get #TechRespect with a degree from UAT. 

    Learn about UAT's innovative degrees at or — the application is fast and free, and classes are starting soon! Learn. Experience. Innovate.



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    Data Privacy Best Practices According to Arizona Cyber Security Experts

    This past fall, AZBigMedia hosted a panel of Arizona Cyber Security experts at the AZ Tech Talk, moderated by UAT’s very own Data Privacy expert, Dr. Dave Bolman, University of Advancing Technology’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer. The panel was brought together to provide critical information to Arizona individuals, businesses, and schools on the...

    This past fall, hosted a panel of Arizona Cyber Security experts at the AZ Tech Talk, moderated by UAT’s very own Data Privacy expert, Dr. Dave Bolman, University of Advancing Technology’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer. The panel was brought together to provide critical information to Arizona individuals, businesses, and schools on the rising concern of data privacy, how to safeguard systems to prevent a cyber security breach from occurring, where to find cyber security resources and how to get help after a cyber-attack of at any level has occurred.

    Data Privacy Protection from Arizona Cyber Experts
    Panelists at the AZ TechTalk with Dr. Dave Bolman included: Ori Eisen, the founder and CEO of Trusona; Heather Monthie, PhD, Associate Dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology at GCU; Sean Moshir, the CEO and co-founder of CellTrust; Greg Schu, a Partner at BDO; and Steve Zylstra, the President and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council.

    In honor of Data Privacy Day, UAT is relaying five key points from the highly-respected moderator and panelists’ discussion, delivering a helpful guide for readers to apply in their own cyber security practices.

    “If you want to understand cyber security, you have to understand what it’s all about — you have the entire world right there at your doorstep at any moment. The world has transformed into digital belongings that can more can be easily taken away. Just like you protect your physical belongings, you need to protect your digital assets”, said AZ Tech Talk panelist, Sean Moshir.


    1. Data Privacy Education

    The most critical topic discussed throughout the TechTalk panel relates to individuals and businesses alike, but many are confused about where to start. One panelist suggested a simple Google search to find a massive amount of helpful tips and information on the topic of Data Privacy Education.

    Sean Moshir stressed, “Continue to adapt, learn how to take advantage of technology to protect yourself and others. Protection comes from education. The number one most important thing in cyber security that I have seen in my life is education for the employees. How you educate your employees, how you have policies, how you write policies, how you enforce those policies and making sure your company is compliant.”

    "Data Privacy and Cyber Breach prevention education doesn’t have to be complex or expensive," Greg Schu explains, “Educate employees with very simple processes. If you’re an organization, there are very straightforward processes you can put in place. If you don’t have a plan in place, call your professional friends at reputable firms; they may have done this before and have things that work for them. There are so many things you can do where you don’t have to spend any money. If you have a family or friend into tech, get them to at least help you with your backups. If something goes wrong, at least you have a way to recover without paying ransomware,” said Schu.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Additionally, aside from the (often free) Firewall, AntiVirus, Anti-Spam and other basic protections you can have on your devices to protect your data (including having a in place) the following tips are the most important practices to educate your family and employees in order to maintain a strong, proactive data privacy force at home and work.


    2. Standard Password Best Practices

    If you’re still using weak or the same passwords from several years ago for several accounts, you’ve likely already been hacked whether you know it yet or not. Use complex, original passwords for every account that have nothing to do with anyone’s names or addresses, birthdates, etc. Make really tricky passwords, especially the ones housing your confidential information such as financial, social security number, or other personal data that could be stolen and used for identify theft.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Also, change them frequently, even every time you log in if you want to be overcautious about it. Don't write them down on a sticky note or even lock them in spreadsheet on your computer, as these can be very easy ways for someone to access your data. To make coming up with new, original and complex passwords and remembering them easier, use a password generator and a secure password storage application. 


    Passwords of the Future

    Although you’ve likely heard these tips before, in the high-level AZ Tech Talk panelist conversation, the current state of passwords were ignored. Only the passwords of the future were discussed because of how easily hackers are getting through our standard cyber security practices. The future of passwords is still undeclared but there is hope of a new, safer way forward to protect our data. However, you should still keep up with password best practices in order to utilize what’s available at this time.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看During the TechTalk, Ori Eisen addressed the complex topic of the future of passwords with, “As a person that works everyday to replace passwords, how many people that have great technology we’re taking with us everywhere, let’s use that. It’s time to get rid of passwords. Biometrics are awesome as long as you don’t replay them. At the end of the day it’s converted to 0’s and 1’s. computer listening to 0’s and 1’s of my fingerprint or facial scan — anything that goes from analog to digital can be stolen and used maliciously.”


    3. Add Extra Layers of Data Protection Security

    multifactorauthenticationMulti-Factor Authentication

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Until a safer option of biometrics has been developed or the next option for passwords have been implemented, add extra layers of security to your accounts. Enable some form of Multi-Factor Authentication whenever possible on all accounts. This at least provides an extra level so even if someone does have your password, if they’re trying to login from a device that isn’t yours, you’ll get an alert and be able to stop the action in a timely manner. There are ways hackers can get around this but for most situations, it’s an additional way to keep them out.


    Identify Theft Protection

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Some Identify Theft Protection providers will monitor the dark web for breaches of your information, but all will report malicious activity associated with your data. It makes the process go a lot faster and smoother if you have this in place when a breach does occur. Think of it as your digital accidental insurance policy, similar to car insurance if you get in a fender-bender, when someone takes over your personal identity with malicious intent.


    Data Privacy Insurance For Businesses

    The Arizona Tech Council’s President & CEO, Steve Zylstra, stated that “Business-focused insurance companies used to have cybersecurity in their general liability policies, but they took it out so if you’re not sure if you have it, you don’t.”

    It’s critical to have insurance and protection in place in order to not only lose data and trust from customers but your business altogether. According to , The average financial cost of a data breach is $3.92 million, and Joe Galvin, a Chief Research Officer for Vistage, reported that

    Zylstra also explained that when shopping for data privacy insurance, “You want to make sure your insurance covers everyone involved in the business. Some insurance policies won’t cover the management team.”


    4. “Don’t Be Click-Bait”

    dont be clickbait_dataprivacyAZ TechTalk Panelist Tom Eisen shared the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat” while on the topic of not clicking on everything interesting that comes your way online. “In terms of protecting your data, don’t be curious and click on the latest celebrity article. Unfortunately, that leads you to ways hackers can put malware on your computer.”

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看In a more personalized sense, also don’t fall for the Facebook messenger notification appearing to be from your friend asking, “is this you in this video?” attached with a video link. “Instead of being curious, be cautious first", Eisen said.


    5. Keep an Eye Out For Phishing

    Phishing is the most common way people lose their data privacy. Retruster’s states that Phishing accounts for 90% of all data breaches. Just in the last year, 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack, 30% got opened by the targeted recipients and 15% of people successfully phished will be targeted at least one more time within the year.


    Common Email Scams

    To avoid being caught in a phishing trap, it is recommended to check the sender’s email address to ensure its correct. Hover over any link to check to see if it’s a valid and a secure link, an HTTPS link that matches and makes sense for who it should be from. For example, if your bank sends you an email and the email address or link within the email is off by a letter, a number, or has a random dot where it shouldn’t, never click on anything. Today, there are many ways people can spoof email addresses to look like the real deal as well, so always be cautious. Never log in to any account from an email.


    The CEO Phishing Scam

    Also ensure that the email from your boss asking you "Are you are in the office? I need you to do me a favor", is really from your boss. When in doubt, go directly to that person, pick up the phone or send a text to verify to make sure – and alert them if you believe you received a phishing email. Your boss will be appreciative when you didn’t follow a spoof request to wire all of the company’s funds to a random oversees account or spend a massive amount of money on gift cards.


    What To Do When You Lose Your Data Privacy

    How you handle a breach of your data is just as important as the steps you take to prevent it. Whether the company you have an account with was hacked, your personal email, or your business and customer data was compromised, how you recover can look different. Depending on your situation determines your next steps forward.

    Firstly, change your passwords to any/all accounts associated with the breach. Check your bank statements, credit cards, credit reports for any malicious activity and report any issues to the designated customer services where the breach occurred.

    The Tech Talk panel recommended that if this isn’t your area of expertise, call (and vet) a personal or professional IT Support specialist, just like you would your landscaping provider. If it’s your business, your internal IT department should be equipped to handle it, otherwise call on a reputable IT Support or Cybersecurity company to help you handle the procedures required for your industry and organization’s compliance regulations. Hopefully, you also backed up your data in case of a ransomware situation.

    If you’re a school, reach out to your local community of IT experts if you need help. Contact the local Technology Council to find information on resources. In Tempe and the surrounding Phoenix area, University of Advancing Technology offers itself as a resource of support to local businesses. As the first and leading Cyber Higher Education resource in Arizona and the Southwest, Dr. Dave Bolman offered, “I invite any of Arizona’s public, charter, or private K-12 school that needs cyber security assistance and resources to reach out to me at dave@charleschauvel.com”.


    UAT Cybersecurity degree


    Why it’s Important to Report a Breach of Data

    US businesses are required to report a breach to law enforcement soon after it occurs as well as notify customers. For customers, it’s important to explain what information or data of theirs was potentially breached in addition to how they can attempt to re-secure their accounts. In addition to reconciling with your customers, the AZ Tech Talk panel recommends to inform other businesses in order to prevent it from happening to them.

    If your business is in Arizona, Tech Council’s Steve Zylstra recommends to “Join the , where if you’re hacked, you share info with other organizations to help others prevent against the breach. This supports and gets the community collaboration going as well as gives you access to lots of resources in the community."

    Greg Schu also commented, “When hackers find vulnerabilities, they share that with other hackers. If we’re not sharing gateways with others, we’re putting ourselves at risk.”


    Lastly, Don’t Give Up on Technology

    Hackers are getting more resourceful, creative, and relentless. It’s not expensive to hack anymore and the more data they have on you, the more they know you and the easier it is to get you to fall for their phishing schemes. A hacker “could be anyone. You can literally google “how do I hack”. There’s money to be made to teach people how to hack. In today’s world, hackers are business oriented and becoming more formalized. People punch a clock.“, Greg Schu alarmingly shared.

    That isn’t the reason to go off grid, however. Ori Eisen inspiringly stated, “If you give up the convenience we have from the internet, we are already at loss. I don’t think that should be on the table. If it was, we wouldn’t know how to drive home from anywhere. On the serious side, what are things you can do everyday and where do you start? It can be so overwhelming.” The answer is to be mindful.

    Eisen goes on to give questions to start asking yourself including: “What’s the most common denominator for keeping everyone around you safe? How are you protecting yourself today? How can you get rid of things that expose your data? How can you make it easier for your customers to be secured? Is there is a limit to what people want and can do? If you just start there, you can start to remove several obstacles that could pose a risk to your data privacy.”


    Questions? Reach out to UAT!

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Data Privacy is a rising concern among organizations and individuals alike and taken very seriously by University of Advancing Technology (UAT). UAT was one of the first universities in the nation to offer a Network Security education and the Cyber Warfare range was even partially funded by the Department of Defense. UAT has been designated for over 13 years as a Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) by the National Security Agency (NSA) for its Cyber Education. Our 100% STEM University currently offers three Bachelor’s degree programs and a Master of Science in Cyber Security, and is recognized for creating true cyber security leaders of integrity. UAT has also prepared more graduates with a NSA and CAE-credentialed education than any other program in Arizona and the Southwest.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Learn more about our .


    To call for Dr. Dave Bolman or any tech expert at University of Advancing Technology for future moderator bookings, speaking engagements, or panelist opportunities, please reach out with your request to marketing@charleschauvel.com.


    If you think this article could help someone you know better protect their data privacy, please share with your friends, family, co-workers and connections!


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    CES: Connectivity, Robots and a New Reality

    by Valerie Cimarossa, Vice President, Marketing & Technology   The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, as expected, presented us with a flurry of new Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, robots, and household items driven, sometimes literally, by artificial intelligence....

    by Valerie Cimarossa, Vice President, Marketing & Technology


    The (CES) 2020, as expected, presented us with a flurry of new Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, robots, and household items driven, sometimes literally, by artificial intelligence.


    was a major theme of the show, with products and concepts demonstrating connectivity in every aspect of life, both inside and outside of the home, for every member of the family. I recall halfway through the day telling a coworker that I couldn’t think of a single thing I used in my daily routine that I hadn’t already seen on the floor, connected to something else.




    The concept of smart cities isn’t brand new, but this the companies and tech supporting what has been dubbed, smart city “infrastructure and resilience” made a dominating appearance. Public safety and national security could not be overlooked, ranging from a more intelligent traffic grid, to a pedestrian-driven street light system. Perhaps most impressive was, a robot – – that physically monitors your entire network, rolling back and forth scanning the screens in your SOC with its RFID, infrared thermal and motion detection enabled eyes and sensors, looking for changes and potential threats to your infrastructure. Major vibes with this one.




    and were king when it came “cool tech” – mats for your pantry that sense your stock and re-order when you’re low, rolling OLED TVs, 8K and a plethora of bots but the ruler of the show was 亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看, with Delta, because they introduced a whole new reality.




    is essentially a customized reality tailored to you. In Delta’s use case, debuting in the Detroit airport this summer, passengers’ boarding passes pair with specialized screens in the airport and when approached, the monitor only displays your information to you. The same thing occurs for the Delta passenger standing next you. You’re looking at the same screen, but you’re seeing your info and they’re seeing theirs. Tailored, custom, parallel. The MissappliedSciences proprietary technology, the mirror-like Parallel Reality Pixel, “simultaneously displays millions of rays of color and brightness” where traditional pixels display one.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看But what does that really mean? An old 8-bit video game had so few pixels you could see how each one joined to create the image you were looking at. A good HDTV displays enough pixels of light and color that your eyes cannot decipher the space between them. A Parallel Reality pixel displays so many pixels that you can’t see them all – and the PR device (in Delta’s case, a boarding pass) determines which ones are visible to you. Think about standing in your bedroom with a friend and there’s a mirror in the corner. You’re off to the left and your friend is directly in front of it. You might see the dresser and a corner of your bed, but your friend will see themselves. One mirror (screen), two people, each with their own unique view.


    Of course, MisappliedSciences won’t detail how the pixel itself works, but this technology that seems by imagination only, is not only real, but it’s here now and it’s telling of this exciting time in tech.







    The next generation of technology innovation begins the day students set foot on campus at the University of Advancing Technology. It's a technophile’s dream environment where innovation and passion for advancing technology are synthesized with the best of faculty and technology resources.


    At UAT, a Student Innovation Project (SIP) is a culmination of an undergraduate student’s hard work on a specific assignment relative to their degree and technological field of study. A SIP is similar to a Capstone or Master’s thesis but with an agile, new-age approach to developing a student’s career-readiness. 


    Are you an innovator with an idea? Than UAT is the place for you! Contact us to start building your future today. 

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    UAT Alum Become Storyists, Abroad

    Jacob Glass and Ceara McSherry have gone a long way since graduation... literally, a long way in their travels across the globe. From zip-lining through the rain forest to chasing shipwrecks off the coast of New Zealand, these two have documented an exciting voyage since leaving campus, capturing their adventures and beautiful surroundings. As they come to the end of their journey, we sent...

    Jacob Glass and Ceara McSherry have gone a long way since graduation... literally, a long way in their travels across the globe. From zip-lining through the rain forest to chasing shipwrecks off the coast of New Zealand, these two have documented an exciting voyage since leaving campus, capturing their adventures and beautiful surroundings. As they come to the end of their journey, we sent them some questions about life after UAT. Read on. 


    Taking photos at Tongariro National Park just near the base of mount Ruapehu, AKA mount Doom from Lord of the Rings.


    What did you study at UAT?

    Ceara and I both studied Digital Video while attending UAT. 


    How did you start your travels?
    We started our travels by applying for a working holiday visa in New Zealand back in December of 2018. It’s an extremely simple process that can be done on the New Zealand government's website. We were approved two days after applying. Once approved, our visa was valid for one year after we entered the country. By New Years, our flights were booked and we notified our landlord that we were not going to renew our lease. At the end of January, we put in our resignations at our jobs and sold most of what we had. We left on March 17 and never looked back.



    Jake & Ceara often stayed in their van as they road tripped across New Zealand. 


    What is your ultimate goal from your traveling?
    Our ultimate goal from traveling was to meet new people, have new experiences, and gain a global perspective. Professionally, we had planned on taking photos and videos of our explorations to help build our reels and portfolio while abroad. 


    What has been your favorite place to visit and why?
    Ceara - Fiji was my favorite spot to visit because we got to interact with locals and learn about Fijian culture. Plus, we made a lot of friends from all over the world who were equally adventurous as us. Everyone had the same goal in their travels, so it enriched the experience. And the natural beauty of the country was unbelievable. Fiji was a truly amazing adventure.

    Jake - It’s hard to pick one spot because each place was so different from the next and each had its pros and cons. One of the most standout places would have been towards the end of our time in NZ. We were staying at a working hostel outside of Napier, the Art Deco capital of New Zealand, while we worked at a tree nursery. It was amazing because not only was Napier an interesting and unique city, but we lived and worked with the same people which made it feel less like work and more like camp. We planted and trimmed trees for 50 hours a week then got to go swimming, hiking, or partying on the weekend with people our age from around the world. It was a combination of the work, the people, and the place that made it special to me.



    Jake relaxing on the beach after a long day of adventures.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看How did your education at UAT help you?

    Most of what we were doing we learned along the way. However, both Ceara and I worked as RAs in the dorms which helped get us jobs working at a cafe and hostel on the west coast of South Island. 

    What are your future plans?

    Currently our plans for the future consist of us getting jobs and returning to the work we love to do, which is filming and working on sets. 



    Telling ghost stories and chasing shipwrecks in New Zealand.


    How are you helping to save the world?
    How are we helping to save the world? Well, currently we’re not. That’s a big question with lots of possible answers. We learned a lot about sustainability and conservation while in New Zealand and are excited to implement some of things we learned here in the future. Until then we are just doing our best to stay informed politically and plan to vote in both the primaries and general elections. 

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看What advice would you give other students to encourage them to pursue their dreams?

    Honestly, the best advice I can give anyone about pursuing their dreams is to have a plan. Do the research required to know what tools you will need to get from where you are to where you want to be. After that it just takes patience and persistence. 



    Ceara exploring caves a few miles west of Greymouth (on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island) and finding some glow worms.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看At UAT, we're proud of Jake and Ceara and looking forward to seeing what's next for them. Watch videos created by the duo on their YouTube channel, , and follow their personal Instagram blog .



    Want to learn to how to document the world? Our Digital Video Bachelor of Arts is a film production degree that prepares you to take on the challenge of storytelling with contemporary relevance. You'll be immersed in leading-edge technologies and environments that are essential to today’s film, television, video production, news gathering, animation, visual effects, gaming, web and interface design industries. The focus of this film production degree is creating digital video production professionals who will have mastery over the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of 21st century film technology and artistry. Learn more at http://charleschauvel.com/digital-video-degree


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    The Importance of Gameplay Loops in Game Design

    A considerable amount of work goes into developing a game. Artists paint beautiful worlds, writers craft...


    A considerable amount of work goes into developing a game. Artists paint beautiful worlds, writers craft elaborate stories, and programmers construct complex game mechanics, but none of these by themselves make a game ‘good’. All of those things will contribute to a game’s overall quality, but above all else, you’ll need to create a good gameplay loop.

    Creating an engaging gameplay loop is the most important part of developing your game, so it’s important to understand exactly what that means. The primary gameplay loop of your game will be what happens in the game every second as you play. For example, in Pac-man, on a second-to-second basis you will be avoiding ghosts and eating pills. In a game like Doom, your core loop is to run around and shoot demons. This loop is the most important to get right. Game developers spend a lot of time focusing on just this second to second experience because it’s what will comprise most of the player’s experience in the game.


    So once you’ve got a solid core game loop, it’s time to focus on the secondary and tertiary loops. These are gameplay loops from a wider perspective. The secondary loop is generally what’s happening minute to minute, things like completing levels in Pac-man, or clearing and advancing stages in Doom. Even further out, the tertiary loop is about the overall gameplay over longer stretches of time; think hour to hour. This is things like getting a high score, beating all the stages of a game, unlocking items, or progressing on a larger scale. It’s important to have these outer loops as well to ensure that the core loop stays interesting for longer than just a few minutes. You enjoy playing for the primary loop, but you continue playing for the secondary and tertiary loops.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看To get a more solid understanding of what makes a good gameplay loop, you can usually analyze your favorite games and pinpoint their primary, secondary, and tertiary loops. My favorite game is Tetris, so the primary loop of Tetris is to move and rotate the falling blocks and try to clear lines to avoid the blocks getting to the top and getting a game over. This primary loop is very fun in its own regard, but what really makes it interesting is the secondary loop where the more lines you clear, the faster the blocks fall. This makes you want to try to survive as long as you can. What really brings it all together is the tertiary loop: achieving high scores. Tetris has been around since 1984 and still continues to engage players because you can always keep playing to trying to push your score higher. This is what makes the very simple primary loop of moving blocks and clearing lines far more engaging and brings significantly more depth to the overall game.

    So that’s game loops in a nutshell! Definitely take this information and use it to your advantage during your own game development; a strong core loop will make your game so much better. This stuff is some of the primary principles of game development and is a lot of what we practice and perfect while developing games at UAT. To learn more check out our Game Design degree!

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    AR Escape Room Makes Phoenix News

    UAT students created a virtual escape room for their Student Innovation Project, and Phoenix is buzzing about it!   Max Gorden, reporter for Arizona's Family News (3TV and CBS 5), visitied campus on...

    UAT students created a virtual escape room for their Student Innovation Project, and Phoenix is buzzing about it!


    , reporter for Arizona's Family News (3TV and CBS 5), visitied campus on Thursday, January 9, to learn more about AR Escape Room and the students behind this new style of game.

    Gorden demoed the game and interviewed the team to find out how they created this new augemented reality experience in an escape room format. 
    Watch the full story from azfamilynews.com: 
    New students are joining the project as it has been greenlit for another semester of Production Studios, preparing for its anticipated release potentially by the end of 2020. 
    Find out more about the AR Escape Room on our , and check out other UAT highlights.
    Last December, the team was also invited to demo their game at Tech The Halls, an annual event held by the , where the students were presented with scholarships for their innovation!  
    Darin Palermo, Kaulana Lee , and Lyndsay Boggs at Tech the Halls. 
    Learn more about UAT's dedication to educate students in advancing technology who innovate for our future through its
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    IT’S HAMMER TIME:Using Valve’s Hammer To Create Portal 2 Maps-Part 3.1

    Hi! Happy New Years to all those who are reading! This blog was supposed to have been released last year, but I needed more time to flesh things out a bit. Too long, Didn't Read: I’m a bit late! I digress; today we will be learning about creating a new project and the engines tools. The tools section will be split between two blogs, so keep an eye out for part 2. ...

    Hi! Happy New Years to all those who are reading! This blog was supposed to have been released last year, but I needed more time to flesh things out a bit. Too long, Didn't Read: I’m a bit late! I digress; today we will be learning about creating a new project and the engines tools. The tools section will be split between two blogs, so keep an eye out for part 2.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看When you open up Hammer for the first time, you should be met by a screen that is similar to what I have.

    Hammer Editor

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Your Hammer editor should look like this when it has been initialized for the first time on your system or when you are opening it again. In either situation, Press File > New to create a new file or press File > Open… to find a file that can be used with the engine ( any file with a .vmf extension can be opened up with hammer).

    Once you do either of these things, you should be met with a layout similar to what I have.

    Hammer Editor Layout

    If you don’t, then delete the white console window that you have in your editor, then click Window > New Window enough times to where you have 3 windows with lines in them and one completely black window. Once you do, click window > Tile to set the layout up to what I have. Then, set each window to a specific viewpoint. You can do this by moving your mouse to the top left of any viewport and pressing the highlighted letters in that area. You have an option between viewing the map from the top (2D Top), from the front ( 2D Front), or the side (2D Side). Select the view you want by clicking on it.

    Hammer Hot BarTo the far left of the editor, you might notice this hot bar. This Hotbar holds the main tools that you will be using

    Select Tool

    Hammer Select Tool

    The select tool allows you to select one or many objects within any of the views for the purpose of either moving or deleting parts of your map.

    Zoom Tool

    Hammer Zoom Tool

    The Zoom tool allows you to either zoom in or zoom out at a certain space within one of the viewports.

    Camera Tool
    Hammer Camera Tool

    The Camera tool allows you to place down cameras and modify already existing cameras within the map. ( We will, unfortunately, not be covering the usage of this camera, since I have never used it during the development of my maps)

    Entity Tool

    Hammer Entity Tool

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看The entity tool allows you to place down objects, characters, or any premade assets that you have selected within the map.

    Block Tool

    Hammer Block Tool

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看The Block tool allows for you to create brushes within your editor

    Face Tool

    Hammer Face Tool

    The Face tool you to edit the texture of a specific face of a brush that you have created.

    Texture Tool

    Hammer Texture Tool

    The Texture tool allows you to place a selected texture onto the entirety of a selected brush. Do not confuse its functionality with the functionality of the Face tool, because, unlike the Face Tool where you can select which side gets a texture, a single texture will get applied to all faces of the brush with this tool.

    Decal Tool

    Hammer Decal Tool

    The Decal tool allows you to overlay a decal texture onto the texturing of a selected face of a brush.

    Overlay Tool

    Hammer Overlay Tool

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看The Overlay tool allows you to place decals/overlays onto selected faces of a brush or onto displacements(we won’t talk about displacements in this article).

    Clipping Tool

    Hammer Clipping Tool

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看The clipping tool allows you to edit the geometry of a brush by allowing you to cut away different segments of it, or to split a single brush up into multiple different brushes for whatever purpose.

    Vertex Tool

    Hammer Vertex Tool

    The Vertex tool allows for you to edit the geometry of an entire brush, by allowing you to change the edges and vertices of a brush. This brush is great for creating special kinds of shapes that can not be achieved by using just the brush or clipping tools alone.

    Hammer Hotbar

    On the top of the editor, you should have a hotbar that looks like what you see towards your right.


    Hammer Carve

    Whatever brush you selected will subtract, or carve, its shape into all objects that it overlaps.


    Hammer Group

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Whatever brushes you select will connect all brushes together, making them act like a single entity.


    Hammer Ungroup

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Whatever brushes you select will disconnect all connected brushes, making each brush act like its own entity.

    Toggle Group Ignore: Allows you to edit individual brushes that are a part of the group

    Hide Selected

    Hammer Hide selected

    Hides what has been selected, but also creates a VisGroup*亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 that it places it under.

    Hide Unselected

    Hammer hide unlselected

    Hides what is not selected, but also created a Visgroup* that it places them under.

    QuickHide Objects

    Hammer Quick Hide

    Hides what has been selected without placing it in a Visgroup*

    QuickHide Unselected Objects

    Hammer Quick Hide unselected

    Hides what is not selected without placing it in a Visgroup*

    Unhide QuickHide Objects

    Hammer unhide

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Hides every visible object besides what is current selected

    Show All VisGroups

    Hammer show all Visgroups

    All Visgroups* will be made visible


    Hammer cut

    Cuts a selected object out of the scene and saves it to your clipboard


    Hammer Copy

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Saves what was selected to your clipboard


    Hammer Paste

    Pastes what you currently have on the clipboard onto your scene

    Toggle Cordon State

    Hammer Toggle Cordon

    Toggles the visibility of a cordon* area

    Edit Cordon Bounds

    Hammer Edit Cordon Bounds

    Allows you to create and edit a cordon*

    Radius Culling

    Hammer Radius

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Creates a sphere around where you are in the 2D viewports/grids, limiting how much you can see to what is within the radius of the sphere.

    Toggle Select By Handles

    Hammer toggle select

    toggles on/off the ability to select objects only by the x coordinates in the 2D viewports/grids.

    Toggle Auto-select

    Hammer Toggle auto select

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看When toggled on, you can drag hold down the left mouse key on the 2D viewports/grids and drag out a square that will automatically select what is within that square. When toggled off, you will need to press ENTER after dragging out the square to select what you want.

    Texture Lock

    Hammer Texture Lock

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Toggles texture lock on and off. Allows you to move a brush without messing with the texture alignment.

    Texture Scale Lock

    Hammer Texture Scale Lock

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Toggles texture scale lock on and off. Allows for you to change the size of the texture with the size of the brush.

    Align to World/Face

    Hammer Align to World

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Toggles texture between world alignment and face alignment. Toggling it to World alignment will align textures based on the grid coordinates. Toggling it to Face alignment will align textures based on the face of the brush.

    Displacement Mask

    Hammer displacement Mask

    Turns off the display sides of a brush that have displacement* surfaces.

    Disable/Enable Displacements

    Hammer enable/disable placements

    Disables or Enables displacements*.

    Display Walkable

    Hammer Display Walkable

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看: Highlights what is too steep for the player to walk on.

    Displacement Edge Collapse

    Hammer displacement edge collapse

    Toggle off the display of a brush that contains displacement*亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 surfaces and/or vertices that have been collapsed using the Sew command.

    Run Map

    Hammer Run Map

    Compiled map and runs it within the game it is supposed to run in.

    Show Helper

    Hammer Show Helper

    Shows the radius of objects in the scene

    Toggle models in 2D

    Hammer Toggle 2d

    Toggles the object wireframe in the 2D viewports/grids on or off.

    Toggle model fade preview

    Hammer Toggle mode fade

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Allows you to test the models Start Fade Distance and End Fade Distance.

    Show collisions models wireframe

    Hammer show collisions wireframe

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Collision models will show up in 2D viewports/grids

    Show detail models/sprites on materials

    Hammer show details

    :Disable or Enable func_details*亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 and sprites on materials.

    Show no draw faces


    Disable or Enable Nodraw* brushes.

    Icon images and Map Operations picture provided by the .



    *Visgroup: Abbreviation of the term visibility groups. Objects can be assigned to specific visgroups, and those visgroups can then have their visibility toggled.

    *Cordon亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看: A barrier in the map that limits how much of the map is to be compiled

    *Displacements: Brush surfaces that have been sculpted into specific shapes. For example, hills, valeyes, trenches, slopes.

    *Func_detail: An Internal brush entity

    *Nodraw: a texture that causes a brush’s face to not render in game.

    - H.O

    Visit charleschauvel.com for more information on our Game Suite of Degrees in Game Art & AnimationGame Design and Game Programming.

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    It Doesn’t Matter if You Don’t Like Barbie’s Pink Spacesuit

    by: Valerie Cimarossa, UAT Vice President of Marketing & Technology   Last summer Mattel released a new line of scientist Barbies co-designed with National Geographic and ecologist Nalini Nadkarni. The line includes Barbies featuring scientific careers such as a marine biologist, astrophysicist,...

    by: Valerie Cimarossa, UAT Vice President of Marketing & Technology


    Last summer Mattel released a new line of co-designed with National Geographic and ecologist Nalini Nadkarni. The line includes Barbies featuring scientific careers such as a marine biologist, astrophysicist, photojournalist, conservationist and entomologist. This isn’t Barbie’s first STEM career. In past years Barbie has worked as a computer engineer, a Mars explorer, an architect, a game developer and most recently a . But what impact on our young people, with career aspirations as big as their imaginations, does this really have?


    Barbie1Opinions are mixed. Mattel, with good reason, has long been disparaged for the hyper-sexualized doll with distorted, unobtainable proportions. But this has not diminished Barbie’s presence in the lives of young people. A few years ago, Mattel made its first attempt at making Barbie easier to identify with by releasing dolls with a , but in most instances she was still just a trendy lady in a miniskirt. With the release of STEM career Barbies, Mattel is making strides towards presenting Barbie as a role model that teaches young people that you can be more than a housewife with a pink convertible. However, residual feelings from the days of Barbie’s , leave Mattel open to criticism of every component of the STEM Barbies designs.


    Honestly, they deserve some of it. sports an above-the-knee lab coat over her mini dress. That seems…less than safe. I typed this on a pink laptop so I won’t rag on them for Computer Engineer Barbie’s accessory, but Mars Explorer Barbie’s pink space suit? Unlikely and unnecessary, though understandably an essential element of Barbie’s signature look. (Still, doubtful that one of our female rocket scientists would be sporting that.) I’m most bothered that Computer Engineer, Robotics Engineer and Game Developer Barbies, the stereotypically “nerdy” STEM careers, are wearing glasses and are dressed in boxier casual clothing. Entrepreneur and Film Director Barbies have no glasses and are dressed in much more svelte, fashionable clothing. Perpetuating the stereotype of tech “nerds” being less physically attractive and caring less how they appear professionally is a big miss.


    But none of that matters. What matters is that 15 years ago, when Nalini Nadkarni first made the suggestion, Mattel wasn’t interested in a scientist Barbie line. What matters is now they are, and they seem to be keeping up with STEM careers as they evolve. The STEM Barbies are a far cry  from the tragedy that was the 2010 book (seriously, if slamming your head against a wall sounds fun, check out Buzzfeed’s 亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 of the book instead; the effects will feel the same).


    Once you’ve recovered from that, and the fact that it was released a mere ten years ago, a space suit with metallic pink bands seems much less of an offense, no? Regardless of how you feel about Barbie, her life choices and her accessories, it is undeniably crucial that such a prominent figure in the lives of young people is exposing them to ideas of different STEM careers in their formative years. While Barbie may seem trite, she’s here, Mattel is doing it, and we need all the help we can get. Cyber security Barbie next?





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    No TikTok for Military Personnel

      The US Army has now deemed that using the Chinese owned app TikTok, which the US Army was using it to recruit and promote their own branch of service, is a potential security risk that needs to be...



    The US Army has now deemed that using the Chinese owned app TikTok, which the US Army was using it to recruit and promote their own branch of service, is a potential security risk that needs to be banned.  

    Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa told Military.com, "It is considered a cyber亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 threat… We do not allow it on government phones."

    It's a no-brainer that China has raised a lot of security concerns since they don't have to abide by U.S. laws on data亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 privacy and collection and consumers who request their data. So having a Chinese company collecting vast quantities of video footage and location data and IP addresses and other information from military personnel? Probably not the best for keeping things under-wraps from foreign espionage.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看That being said, this is not the first app to be banned. In 2016, the U.S. military banned Pokemon GO due to it being too distracting. Banning TikTok as well is quite a reasonable response.

    This is not, however, the first time TikTok has raised security concerns. U.S. senators wrote a letter to the U.S. Director of National Intelligence requesting a review of the app. In the letter, they stated "Security experts have voiced concerns that China’s vague patchwork of intelligence, national security, and cybersecurity laws compel Chinese companies to support and cooperate with intelligence work controlled by the Chinese Communist Party."

    As well, it's not just the Army who has it banned, but In December 2019 the U.S. Navy also prohibited its personnel from using TikTok on government-issued phones. Violating the restriction threatened the users to face a block from the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet.

    I feel bad for those service members who wasted time dancing in front of their phones 15 times to try and get it right.  So don't go dancing in front of the boots recruiters.

    UAT has been designated a military friendly school and offers degrees in Network Security, Cyber Security, Technology Forensics and Network Engineering.

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    6 Months later, My Experience as a Student Ambassador

      It's been 5 months and 16 days since I started as a Student Ambassador. And to be perfectly honest it has not felt that long. I started back in...



    It's been 5 months and 16 days since I started as a Student Ambassador. And to be perfectly honest it has not felt that long. I started back in June and since then it's been quite an enjoyable time. First I was nervous as anyone would be when they start a new job. I started at the same time with Bailey, another Student Ambassador亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看. This job is probably one of the most fun and fulfilling jobs I ever had a pleasure to be apart of. That's not even a lie or paid advertisement...I mean kind of but it's the truth.

    The other Student Ambassadors took a while to get to know as well as getting to know each personality. As well as my bosses. Then came all on the daily tasks I have to do which was a challenge as everything seemed complex yet after a week it became so easy that all my tasks are done within the hour. Such as Data entries to managing student's accounts in marketing as well using student information systems. Sorting mail and doing tours亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 and making sure everything is nice and dandy at the desk at close and open. 

    About a month in I have become used to my tasks and learning everyone's name and positions. I was still enjoying what I was doing as I just enjoyed talking to people and just hanging out with everyone. Next thing you know it's October, we had a costume event throughout campus and I thought to dress up as my boss Stefani. Yes, I wore a dress and no wonder people wear kilts. Felt so free but enough with that. It became clear that everyone enjoyed the costume as a lot of people took pictures and laughed and I enjoyed it.

    Now to the present day, I'm on good terms with a lot of people throughout campus. I joke with people in the Portal (Main department with all advisors) to the Office of the President (Upper Management) to Founder's Hall (The dorms) and generally everyone. Being a Student Ambassador in my opinion is the best way just to know everyone and know every aspect of of the student body and the staff here. I hope to stay in my position till I graduate to make sure I do make a mark with UAT


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    A bit of Advice

    If life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Life can be crazy and can throw you some curve balls and as a college student, this can be especially true. Compiled here is a list of advice from our very own UAT students. Age is but a number so never grow old. As you enter college you are expected to take on adult...

    If life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Life can be crazy and can throw you some curve balls and as a college student, this can be especially true. Compiled here is a list of advice from our very own UAT students.

    Age is but a number so never grow old. As you enter college you are expected to take on adult responsibilities. Sometimes that includes making a decision that is responsible and fun. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing can be fun. Continue to play and have fun.

    Being an adult is knowing that nobody can stop you from buying fruit snacks. This goes for anything. You are now able to make the decisions you want. But remember, you may need other food than fruit snacks.


    Nothing will fall in your lap. Even the lowest hanging fruit needs to be cut to harvest. Work hard for what you want. Outside of college, some fields are very competitive, and you are going to have to make yourself stand out. Take the time in college to set yourself up for that. Take the projects and Student innovations project that you do and really make them into something spectacular.

    You cannot control other people; you can only control your reaction to them.亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 There are many people out there and with that, you are not going to agree with everyone or their actions. Take it as it is and walk away from the situation.

    Sometimes doing something wrong is better than doing nothing at all. This is not applicable everywhere, obviously, but making an effort can make a difference in many places. As a student, you may not understand the assignment but trying anyways can show the effort made. Something is better than nothing, and having tried could get you the chance to redo the assignment after grading comments have come in.

    123-let-s-go-imaginary-text-704767Fake it until you make it. Trust me, none of us really know what we are doing. Some of the most confident looking people are just as nervous and lost as you. Take a breathe and do it.

    Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. 亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看There is always going to be gossip so take it with a grain of salt. There are two sides to every story.





    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看keywords: advice, college life, adulthood, confidence, life

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    My Favorite UAT Class: Game-A-Week

    Last semester, I had the opportunity to take a brand new special topics class here at UAT. The class was, as the title suggests, about designing and building a new game every...

    Last semester, I had the opportunity to take a brand new special topics class here at UAT. The class was, as the title suggests, about designing and building 亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看a new game every single week. It was an amazing experience, and I wanted to talk a little bit about the class and my experience in this rapid prototyping class as well as the lessons I learned.


    Game-a-week Rapid Prototyping was a class created by Game Programming and Game Design professor Matthew Henry. The concept for the class was that students could practice prototyping games by building small playable games with a core gameplay loop based around a new theme every week. The games didn’t need to be polished or completed, they were prototypes that demonstrated a concept, showed gameplay, or displayed the theme in some way. One of the biggest benefits from this, aside from the experience gained along the way, is the amount of portfolio ready games or possible prototypes for future games you create in the class. With something new every week, you have a lot of opportunities to expand your portfolio as a game developer.

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看So coming into the class initially, I was excited and ready to get to work on a new game every week. Upon hearing our first theme, I got to work on my magnum opus! Of course, I was extremely over ambitious and without thinking, accidentally designed a game with a scope far out of reach for a single week. I worked on the game as much as I could, but ended with a demo that barely demonstrated the concept I was trying to show, and that right there is lesson 1: Keeping your scope small. In game development, scope creep is a very real danger. When you design your game, you should have an idea of the core gameplay and try to focus on making that as good as possible before expanding the idea into something larger. You will most likely take longer than you think just to make your core idea giving you no time to waste on other distractions. A small, polished, focused game is better than a large, confusing, scatterbrained mess.

    As the weeks went on, I got better at planning out my games to fit the time requirement, and because of that I managed to make some more interesting games. Here are a few of my favorites that I made:

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Dogs v Cats: Brawl, an animal themed beat-em-up

    {% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='300', height='302', player_id='23677462292', style='' %}


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看ReverSmash, a fighting game with a time reversal mechanic


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Alchemical Warfare, an alchemy battle game

    {% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='428', height='300', player_id='23677498208', style='' %}


    Busy Bee, a bee hive management game

    {% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='291', height='300', player_id='23677462283', style='' %}


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看zDungeon, a random generation Zelda style dungeon crawler

    {% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='533', height='300', player_id='23677462288', style='' %}



    So there you go, some of my highlights from the Game-A-Week: Rapid Prototyping class. If you’re a game developer, I highly recommend you get some practice in rapid prototyping. An awesome way to practice is by participating in , so check out my other blog about game jams亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 if you’re interested in trying it out

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    Move In Time!

        It's that time of the year where another semester starts. With the new year, it's a good thing to start at UAT with a fresh start to show a "You"...




    It's that time of the year where another semester starts. With the new year, it's a good thing to start at UAT亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 with a fresh start to show a "You" that wants to be presented. In this blog, I'm here to give some tips and advice with the process and just overall being new to the community.

    First things first when on your way to UAT go through the parking entrance with the electric billboard sign and pull in there. After finding a parking spot, go to the center of campus and go to Founder's Hall which there will be signs to help guide you.

    After checking in and having a Residential Assistant help you'll meet your new roommate and in some cases suite-mates as well. Meeting your roommate亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 is the most exciting part of the Move-In. Your first friend you meet and potentially stick with the entire week.

    Suite-mates亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 share the bathroom with you and your roommate. It's important to introduce yourself and get familiar with them as that bathroom is a common ground between both duos. After unpacking and on your own. Some may say farewells to family and friends. It's time to know the campus.

    If you and your roommate are on good terms I suggest exploring the campus. In the dorms, there are 3 floors. Not including the pool on the roof. Each floor has two quiet rooms some have board-games. There is the fitness room on the 3rd floor as well the laundry room and the kitchen. The mailboxes are on the second floor. With the movie theatre, game room, and pool tables.

    At the main campus, everything will be explained at orientation. You will be with everyone else who is starting their 1st semester at UAT. The community at UAT is very tight-knit and friendly. Having just anything in common is a good starting point to build connections.

    Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Know that everyone has personal space. Know your audience and just enjoy your 1st semester.

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    Mark Tank: UAT Future Entrepreneurs Compete in a Sink-Or-Swim Competition

    Dr. Mark Smith, Professor and Program Champion of Business Technology, has been throwing UAT students to the sharks for 4 years through his “Mark Tank” program. Held at the end of each semester and upon completion of the Business 200 course, students are mostly competing for entrepreneurial bragging...

    Dr. Mark Smith, Professor and Program Champion of Business Technology, has been throwing UAT students to the sharks for 4 years through his “Mark Tank” program. Held at the end of each semester and upon completion of the Business 200 course, students are mostly competing for entrepreneurial bragging rights, but those presenting also get exposure to area professionals who judge the competition—and the people that choose who swims away a winner.




    The audience and judges listen to the student presentations during Mark Tank. 


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看We talked to Dr. Smith about the competition and the winners from December.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Dr. Smith, please describe the purpose of your program and its goal.


    Dr. Smith: "Mark Tank" is a UAT's version of Shark Tank where students pitch their hypothetical business ideas to a panel of real-world entrepreneurs, business owners and potential investors. The goal is for the students is to see who can give the best pitch, be the most prepared and sway the panel to want to invest in them.


    How did the unique award statue come about?


    Dr. Smith: The award was originally a shark trophy, but when the event gained the name “Mark Tank,” a student had the idea of using me as the model of the trophy to be a more muscular version of the “Oscars” statue. So, we did the 3D scan and 3D printed them to create the busts that we have now. They have gotten larger over the semesters and look better as we get better with the printing.



    Mark Tank Award statues for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 


    Do you take it easy on them, or would you say you and the judges strong arm them, like they may experience in real life?


    Dr. Smith: They definitely strong arm them, but give insight and guidance after the criticism.



    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Dr. Smith questions a presenter while judge Ephrem Jando (Associate Broker at Platinum Living Realty and a Real Estate Investor), UAT Professor Natasha Vita-More, and judge Jacy Smith (UAT Business Development Specialist) listen to the answer.


    How did you feel about the fall presentations?


    Dr. Smith: I was very happy with the presentations and the preparedness of the students. These students were from three different BUS200 classes, which is the course this event is tied to. They held their own, answered tough questions and took the criticisms well under pressure.



    Jake Fusco presents his idea, Ampytheatre, to the audience and judges. 


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Four projects were entered, but only one was deemed the winner. The following are the results of the fall competition.


    Gold Mark Tank Award Winner

    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Project: Ace of Spades (entertainment and bar), presented by Christopher Hernke 

    The project pitch is for a poker-themed bar and restaurant. The main selling point was a POS system built off of hard plastic playing cards that would track the tabs of the customers. The establishment could set limits to prevent overindulgence from patrons, who could order from and pay from POS kiosk systems with these individually linked cards. 



    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看L to R: Dr. Smith, Christopher Hernke, and Valeria Cimarossa, Christopher's Business 200 Instructor. 


    Silver Mark Tank Award Winner

    Project: Demeter’s Watch, presented by Marissa Williams

    The project is an idea for a home gardening sensor that would be attached to an application that would track an owner’s plants and notify them when they needed water, soil, sunlight, etc.



    L to R: Dr. Smith, Marissa Williams, and Dapzury Valenzuela, Marissa's Business 200 Instructor. 


    Bronze Mark Tank Award Winner

    Project: Eyes Breaker, presented by Marc Benson

    This project is a social interaction application that would allow introverted individuals to find other people close in proximity (that are also introverts) to converse with. The app would prompt users with shared interests between and give suggestions of how to "break the ice" and start a conversation. 



    L to R: Dr. Smith, Marc Benson, and Natasha Vita-More, Marc's Business 200 Professor. 


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Congrats, and a job well done to all students who participated!



    The judges and winners, l to r: judge Jacy Smith, Christopher Hernke, Marissa Williams, Marc Benson, judge Brittany Cunningham (head of learning development for Learn with IntraEdge), judge Ephrem Jando, Dr. Smith, and judge Robert Walker (UAT Assistant Director of Admissions). 


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    Day 1 at UAT

    The start of a new semester is just around the corner. Move-in day and orientation are a big part of the ...

    UAT Founders Hall

    The start of a new semester is just around the corner. Move-in day and orientation are a big part of the UAT experience, for both incoming and continuing students. With the commotion of move-in day, it is a great chance for new and continuing students to mingle and get to know each other. But what do you need to bring? What is it going to be like as a new college student? Where is everything? Orientation is a chance for all the incoming students to meet each other as they are guided around the school for different events during the day.


    Day of Move-ins.亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看 New start jitters and excitement is all around as you will begin to check into the dorms and find your new room. There are several steps throughout the day that you will need to accomplish first though. If you hadn’t already, you will have to check in with financial aid to make sure everything is all squared away. You are then on to check into your dorm room. Before moving all your belongs in, it is recommended to review the room for anything out of the ordinary.

    40581715001_3bce255233_cWhat do you need to bring to college? The rooms here at UAT are equipped with beds, dressers, desks and a closet for each student. There is also a mini-fridge and microwave located in each room, but there is also a fully set up kitchen available to all residents. Be prepared to bring bedding and pillows. It is also recommended by many students to have a mattress topper. As the rooms are shared, you’ll want to have an origination system for clothes, like a laundry basket and hangers, as well as for storage and desktop use. While there are quite a few computers for student use in the commons, it is suggested that students bring their own. Cooking supplies such as crockpot, rice cookers, and coffee pots are allowed in the rooms. The bathrooms are shared so before buying bathroom necessities talk with your roommates to see if they want to share the costs.

    Attend the first week's events. To kick off the new semester, the resident assistants will host several events to bring students together. These are events are a great opportunity to meet other new students, previous students, as well as the staff and faculty at the school.


    Orientation is for all incoming students, both residents and off-campus. In predetermined groups, UAT EXL leaders (student mentors) lead everyone through the school to show them around. The day consists of sessions on how to get log into classes, future registration, tours of the labs here on campus. At the end of the day, students are given a challenge, The Provost Challenge, to create something with their group around a given theme. They then have two weeks to complete a project and present. Through the first semester, the EXL leaders will be there to help guide students with any questions they may have.

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    2020 Astronomy Events You Can See at UAT

    While Phoenix is not exactly known for its night skies, Arizona is. On a new moon night, the desert lights up with the cosmos around us. There are quite a few cool astronomical events that will occur next year that you will be able to see within town and on the UAT campus. Super moons There...

    While Phoenix is not exactly known for its night skies, Arizona is. On a new moon night, the desert lights up with the cosmos around us. There are quite a few cool astronomical events that will occur next year that you will be able to see within town and on the UAT campus.

    Super moons

    There are going to be three super moons next year; February 9th, March 9th, and May 7th. What is a super moon? The moon orbits in an oval shape around Earth; closest approach (perigee) at about 225,600 miles away, and farthest (apogee) at about 252,000 miles away. That’s a difference of 25,000 miles! A super moon is when the moon is at its closest approach around Earth and it is a full moon. How does that effect how big the moon in the sky? Between the perigee and apogee, the size can change up to 14%. However, day to day we only see a fraction of a size difference. Let’s scale it down a bit; a football field. Visualize that you are standing on a goal line and someone else is on the other goal line, 100 yards away from you. That mimics the distance between the Earth and Moon at apogee. If the other person walks up to the 89 yard line (11 yards), that’s roughly where the Moon at perigee would be. If you were to close your eyes while that person was walking, they would appear just slightly bigger, it wouldn’t be by much though. BUT, the moon doesn’t move like that, so neither does the person. It takes them two weeks to walk that 11 yards. Day to day they are not going to appear to be that much bigger.



    Lunar Eclipse

    Visible from Phoenix, there are two lunar eclipses: July 5th and November 30th. 亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看There are two kinds of lunar eclipses: total (umbra) and partial (penumbra). Both that are visible from Phoenix are partial penumbra. Let’s explain a lunar eclipse though. A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth travels between the sun and the moon and casts a shadow over the moon. In the diagram below you can see the cone of the shadows.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Looking at the images below, a total lunar eclipse would occur in the center, light grey, ring. A total penumbral eclipse would occur completely within the outer, dark grey ring. Viewing the images below, in 2020 we will be able to see two partial penumbral lunar eclipses.

    Partial PenumbraPartial Penumbra2

    Meteor Showers

    There are quite a few meteor showers each and every year but there are a few big ones that will occur next year. Lyrids meteor shower April 21-22th and the Geminids meteor shower December 13-14th. These particular meteor showers will be occurring while the moon is close to a new moon phase. Meaning the sky is going to be quite a bit darker than a full moon night. Right within Phoenix or even the UAT campus you wont be able to see that many shooting stars. However, with a short hike up South Mountain, the night sky significantly improves. A majority of the shooting stars will come from certain areas of the sky. Watch for the Lyrids by looking for the Lyra constellation. Lyra is found by looking for one of the brightest stars in the sky, Vega. The Geminids meteor shower will best be found near Gemini. Gemini can be found by locating Castor and Pollux, the two brightest stars in Gemini. It is also near Orion, so if you can find his belt that will be pretty close.

    Constellation Castor - Pollux

    Jupiter and Saturn

    Degrees by hand

    Identifiable with the giant red storm cloud and stellar rings, Jupiter and Saturn are our solar systems two largest planets. Visible to the naked eye, these two planets can be found with relative ease. And wit a basic pair of binoculars you may even be able to see Saturn’s rings, or Jupiter’s moons. But on December 21, these two planets will be meeting in the night sky. They will be 0°06' apart, in simpler terms that is .1° apart. Looking at the image below that is less than one (average) pinky width, at arm’s length, apart.


    Bonus: Solar Eclipse

    Total Solar Eclipse

    In the U.S. we will have to wait until 2024 to see another eclipse, but there are two occurring around the world in 2020. The first will be an annular solar eclipse on June 21st, visible across Central Africa and Southern Asia. And a total eclipse on December 14th亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看, in South America, through Chili and Argentina. The moon will be between the sun and Earth during this time.

    So, what is the difference? An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is at apogee (farthest away from earth). When the moon is at apogee, the apparent diameter is smaller than the sun’s. At this distance it is ultimately unable to cover the sun completely. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is at perigee (closest to earth). The moon will be able to completely cover the surface of the sun, allowing us to see the sun’s corona. WARNING: The only time it is safe to look at the sun is during the brief moments of totality during a total solar eclipse. Proper sun viewing glasses and telescopes are required to look at the sun at any other time. Welding masks DO NOT properly protect your eyes.

    Crown of White Flares, 2017 Total Solar EclipseImage result for annular solar eclipse nasa

    UAT offers a Space Exploration course as a Special Topic in Technology class. The overall goal of the class is for everyone to work together to go beyond their limits to create a functioning weather balloon payload.  You can read about their latest expedition here.






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    Awesome Free Software for Game Developers

    Game development can be expensive. Expensive software, licensing fees, publishing costs, etc. will eat up your money. So, to save as much money as you can, here’s some great free software that can be useful to game developers! Game Engines ...

    Game development can be expensive. Expensive software, licensing fees, publishing costs, etc. will eat up your money. So, to save as much money as you can, here’s some great free software that can be useful to game developers!

    Game Engines


    There are plenty of free game engines out there, but I think the best three for most developers will be , , and . Each of these engines has their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are all very powerful, free engines. A few others that may interest people are , , , and .


    3D Art Programs


    Doing 3D art for free can be a challenge as it may seem like all of the software required will empty your bank, but there are free programs out there! is the most known one and is a very powerful 3D modelling and animation program. is another software useful for sculpting models as if they were clay.


    2D Art Programs


    2D digital art is a bit easier to do for free and there are plenty of programs out there. Heck, you could even use Microsoft Paint, although I wouldn’t recommend it. What I would recommend is , or . Piskel is an online pixel art editor great for creating pixel art and animations. Paint.net is actually not a website as you might think, but a free art program good for photo editing, or creating assets. Gimp is another option for 2D asset creation which is known for being a very powerful free art program.


    Sound Effect Design


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Sound effects are often overlooked in games, but they can be essential to making your game feel great. A great tool for many games to create original sound effects is . It’s a free program originally made for game jams that allows you to create original sound effects easily. The other option for SFX design is to record and edit your sounds in . Audacity is a free audio editing program which is excellent for recording sounds and editing them to fit your needs. It’s one of the most versatile audio programs around and it’s completely free!


    Music Composition


    One of the most difficult things to do without paying for software is music. In many cases, your best option will be to use Audacity to record and edit your music acoustically. If, however, you want to digitally create your music your options are limited. and are excellent software for creating chiptunes (8-bit music), but are limited to only creating chiptunes. The Demo will allow you to create many sounds and patterns, or even an entire song, but since it is only the demo, you cannot reload projects once you close the program. Overall, I would recommend sticking to Audacity for acoustic music, or a tracker software for chiptunes.


    亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看-大香蕉久草在线-三浦恵子中文字幕在线观看-亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看So as you can see, games do not always have to be expensive to produce. You could make everything you need in a full game for free with the right tools and the right mindset!

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